About Me

My name is Stephen Hairgrove. I am of Irish, British, German, and Scandinavian decent. I was born in the year of the Ox according to the Chinese calendar or in the year 1406 according the Islamic calendar. I was born in Philadelphia, grew up in Indonesia, and now call Charlotte my home. I love watching films, reading books, and discussing politics. My favorite American president is Garfield (he never disappointed me) and my favorite Soviet leader was Khrushchev (he ranted about not getting into Disneyland). Among my favorite films are "Lawrence of Arabia", "The Godfather", "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and "The Incredibles". Among my favorite books are "The Brothers Karamazov", "The Killing Floor", "Pillars of the Earth", and the Song of Ice and Fire series (I try to read about 20 books a year). I believe I have the best job but hope one day to rule the world.

Email: stephen.hairgrove@cms.k12.nc.us

Mr. Hairgrove, exploring the galaxy
Mr. Hairgrove, exploring the galaxy

At least one of my children's head is not a disappointment to me.